Ensuro Dɛn Ɔtamfo Bɛ Yɛ...

(tr: Do not fear what the enemy will do)

This morning I woke up feeling good with songs of praises and encouragement on my lips African (GH) stylie....

Christiana Love and Kwaku Gyasi - Mesuafre Awurade
I'm loving this song at the moment introduced to me by my girl Sankofa.

Christiana Love - Memma Me Wirenfi
This is also another current fav.

Ama Boahemaa - Awurade Woba Eko
The first (and so far only) time I went to GH, this was one of the gospel songs that was everywhere! I went out and bought the album I was so in love but Aunty Adwoa 'borrowed' it so all I have left is to listen to it on YouTube....

Esther Smith - Ensuro
I'm an Esther Smith fan for days!!!! This woman produces songs that call out to me. Love this one.

Esther Smith - Gye No Di
...And an-o-ther one! Great for worship time.

Esther Smith - Agyidifɔ Ataban
I told you I stan for this lady, this is my fav of all time!

Cindy Thompson - Awurade Kasa
This is a general Ghana gospel great song. You can feel the emotion in this song...she is singing speak to me Lord so my heart can be at rest....

Diana Antwi-Hamilton - Ensi Wo Yie

This is the Diana Hamilton who was my youth choir leader for a lil' while (when I used to inflict my voice on the poor people at FGT!). This was a wonderful day, Diana we need another one!

Kwaku Gyasi - Onyame Aseda Yebebree
This song is so upbeat...enjoy!

Midnight Crew - Igwe
Now for a little Naija flavour, to leave you on a high...you know ur lying if you don't like this song!

Have a blessed day people

xXx NsorommaCOTH
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Sankofa said...

Love these! 'Igwe' wakes me up in the mornings. It's nice to start the day off right.

Mike said...

Thanks for the exposure. Esther Smith's powerful voice is all I know. Going to youtube more Chritianna Love videos. She is too funky.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

@ Mike - I was obsessed with Esther Smith's voice 4 the longest time, too. But I like variety so went hunting on YouTube and the like and that's how I discovered other artists, Christiana is a favourite.

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