Music: Anthony Hamilton

This post is dedicated to the smooth Neo-Soul tones of the man, Anthony Hamilton. If you don't know; GET TO KNOW. Period.

I think this man's voice is beautiful. I mean literally the first time I heard him, I turned around to stare at the radio, like, woooooooooooooooah, who is THAT? I remember the first time I watched Coach Carter, I was grabbed my the theme tune to the film which is, Comin' From Where I'm From. I was so agitated by the haunting, sad and beautiful quality of the song I went on a mini mission to find it, and who did I find? None other than the magnificent Mr. Hamilton.

So I go the song, then the album Coming From Where I'm From then other albums and even went backwards to find him in the archives.

Now anyone who knows me knows I probably have too much music, seriously, I have to catch myself from time to time to stop it being an obsession. A very real obsession. So anyhooo my iTunes is shuffling through my Neo-Soul and this beautiful music comes out of the lappy to seduce my ears...Charlene. So i'm gonna give you my 5 favourite Anthony Hamilton songs, be warned they may well be sad, it's tear-shedding stuff!

Here we go:
This song is so beautiful it used to make me cry.




This helped we wallow then come through the worse break up of my life :(
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Music: Take That

As a child I was never much of a Take That fan but when they came back all mature and smooth (minus the curtains, lol) I was transformed into a bona fide fan.

Seriously, I love them.

Now, I am blessed enough that I have a varied set of friends and am not constrained to 'black music' which is an annoying self-inflicted and idiotic mindset, but I'll save those feelings for another post. And since I'm kinna hurt and about my relationships; or lack thereof. A particular two songs are calling out to me...Patience, because I need certain people to exercise some and then Rule The World which has such a sweet message.

So enjoy.

Excerpt of Patience lyrics...
"Just have a little patience
I'm still hurting from a love I lost
I'm feeling your frustration
Any minute all the pain will stop.

Just hold me close inside your arms tonight
Don't be too hard on my emotions.

'Cause I
Need time
My heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience...."

Excerpt of Rule The World lyrics...
"You light the skies, up above me
A star, so bright, you blind me, yeah
Don’t close your eyes
Don’t fade away, don’t fade away-


Yeah you and me we can ride on a star
If you stay with me girl
We can rule the world-
Yeah you and me we can light up the sky
If you stay by my side
We can rule the world-

If walls break down, I will comfort you
If angels cry, oh I’ll be there for you
You've saved my soul
Don’t leave me now, don’t leave me now ..."

Still Dying; Soon Dead

A rose by any other name is still a rose;
And dead by any other measure is still dead.
When I needed you you were still eyeing daisies,
And I haven't forgotten--
As I gaze at our dead petals on the floor.

I've seen you look back in wonder,
You've seen the shrivelled stalk
Of our once majestic rose.
You see but you don't perceive;
You read but you do not comprehend.

Roses that seem dead need tending
But look closely and you'll find a cutting.
A small memory or connection between us.
If you replant it
And tend it, it will grow.

Never a replacement--
But hardy, it will grow and remind us
Of the need to tend our friendship
That it's never really dead if you catch it in time.

But you're still caught up in daisies--
Forgetting they are weeds
That come and go.
That multiply when you are not looking
That respond to their own requirements.

They'll never give you what that rose did.
And I see you glancing at those petals again
Blowing in the wind.
A word of warning to the wise,
Do not let them blow away,
By then your cutting will be impossible
And the flower will be dead.

Monday Rant!

Hey guys,

As usual it's Monday and I feel like venting. Here we go:

FIRST, of all I work part-time in a job I hate but essentially depend on while I am looking for something better....yada, ya, right? Except I just officially found out that I am entitled to about 3 days holiday because I was put on a contract that I DID NOT WANT of 16 hours. But most weeks I work a straight 40 hours. WTF?!?!?!?!

Since I started working in said shithole (a year and a half) I have taken NIL holidays because just as I was informed today...

A. The rest of the holiday period for this year has been taken up by other people I was first for me, but fine, right?

B. I was just informed that someone has managed to get themselves two weeks holidays starting tomorrow. EH?!

C. When I went back to find out if I can get some holiday since I have not had any for a year and a half. Errrrrr...I got a big fat no. As I am not priority for holiday. Apparently a load of people have holidays to take by the end of the holiday year and since I am technically part-time and the holidays include days like Christmas I have TOO FEW holiday days left for them to worry about.

D. So basically I get no holidays for a year and a half, in a job that is murdering me from my brain out, slowly day by day.


And one of the few people I do not want to kill in that job is ecstatic as she has left, another is leaving in three weeks and I go a new rejection letter from a job in my inbox. AND, yet again we lost our taxable bonus (I swear bonus' should not be taxable!)!!!



non-Monday Rant: The BNP is an affront to this country!

Am I the only person who thinks that it is a joke for the BNP to be forced to accept non-whites and then claim they are therefore no longer racist?

Their propaganda is disgusting:
image credits

Their ways are revolting:

A technicality in race-relations law has now been pushed down their thoughts and they want to claim they are now equal opportunities?! I know this hit the UK news a few weeks back now, but I had not had the chance to post this and voice my outrage. They should not be allowed to exist altogether!

But yesterday while watching the best show in the world (Newsnight), I see that they were taken to court because their ammendments are not in the 'spirit' of anti-discriminatory law. All new members will be subjected to a two hour home 'interview' to assess their suitability for the party. The authorities correctly saw this as an attempt to bully, intimidate and discourage new non-white potential candidates and they have been forced to further ammend their constitution.

While I applaud the work of the Equality and Human Rights Commission who have now landed the BNP with a wacking great legal bill of £70k, I do wonder what the point is of it all. I mean as a black person I could never join them. What could they possibly mean by insisting members continue in the creation, fostering, maintenance and existence of the integrity of the indigenous British'? WTF?! Who the hell are the 'indigenous' British? In my opinion, there is no such thing in the melting pot of ethnicities and nationalities that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland...but the debate continues. The BNP are an inflammatory a scourge on this country and I HATE THEM! But while I recognise this, I'm worried about those who could be brainwashed into joining them. It would almost buy this pack of losers some kind of veil of decency and THAT would be really worrying!

It rare for me to support The Sun newspaper, but this is honestly accurate:
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Happy Independence Day!!!!

I have been strangely busy and thus a bit M.I.A. the past couple of months but I could not let today go by without a little message to wish my country, Ghana, and it's people a Happy Independence Day. However you chose to celebrate, please just remember that a struggle happened and some 53 years ago today Ghana, led by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, become the first sub-Saharan African country to gain her independence.

And whatever our problems and difficulties, trials and under achievements we have come far, and have much to be proud of! And it is up to us Ghanaians now at home and throughout the diaspora to carry the baton and move us on.


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