Still Dying; Soon Dead

A rose by any other name is still a rose;
And dead by any other measure is still dead.
When I needed you you were still eyeing daisies,
And I haven't forgotten--
As I gaze at our dead petals on the floor.

I've seen you look back in wonder,
You've seen the shrivelled stalk
Of our once majestic rose.
You see but you don't perceive;
You read but you do not comprehend.

Roses that seem dead need tending
But look closely and you'll find a cutting.
A small memory or connection between us.
If you replant it
And tend it, it will grow.

Never a replacement--
But hardy, it will grow and remind us
Of the need to tend our friendship
That it's never really dead if you catch it in time.

But you're still caught up in daisies--
Forgetting they are weeds
That come and go.
That multiply when you are not looking
That respond to their own requirements.

They'll never give you what that rose did.
And I see you glancing at those petals again
Blowing in the wind.
A word of warning to the wise,
Do not let them blow away,
By then your cutting will be impossible
And the flower will be dead.


Anonymous said...

lol.. when push comes to shove a rose is still a rose and what is dead is dead... :( wish we could reinvent life though...

Sankofa said...

I like this one a lot.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

@ akaBagucci - I sometimes wish we could reinvent life too...but at the minute it feels good the way it is right now.

@ Sankofa - Thanx, dis boy is so baffled but d friendship really is dying, it's kinna sad thou.

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