Music: Anthony Hamilton

This post is dedicated to the smooth Neo-Soul tones of the man, Anthony Hamilton. If you don't know; GET TO KNOW. Period.

I think this man's voice is beautiful. I mean literally the first time I heard him, I turned around to stare at the radio, like, woooooooooooooooah, who is THAT? I remember the first time I watched Coach Carter, I was grabbed my the theme tune to the film which is, Comin' From Where I'm From. I was so agitated by the haunting, sad and beautiful quality of the song I went on a mini mission to find it, and who did I find? None other than the magnificent Mr. Hamilton.

So I go the song, then the album Coming From Where I'm From then other albums and even went backwards to find him in the archives.

Now anyone who knows me knows I probably have too much music, seriously, I have to catch myself from time to time to stop it being an obsession. A very real obsession. So anyhooo my iTunes is shuffling through my Neo-Soul and this beautiful music comes out of the lappy to seduce my ears...Charlene. So i'm gonna give you my 5 favourite Anthony Hamilton songs, be warned they may well be sad, it's tear-shedding stuff!

Here we go:
This song is so beautiful it used to make me cry.




This helped we wallow then come through the worse break up of my life :(
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Afrocentric said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthony Hamilton. I love the soulful quality of his voice. he really needs more recognition.

Sankofa said...

Whaaaaat? You left off I'm a Mess? You're officially on a time-out.

Words can't describe my love for this man. I was first introduced to him on Nappy Roots' Po' Folks and I actually bought their whole album just because of him. I mistakenly thought he was part of the group lol. I still think "Comin' From Where I'm From" is one of the best albums you don't have to skip tracks ever. I still remember the day East London boy and I rushed to buy tickets for his concert in Piccadily only to find out they were sold out. I seriously almost cried. No lie.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

@ Afrocentric - Unfortunately talent does not equal success or everyone would know this dude

@ Sankofa - I love I'm a Mess but I was fed up of looking for a video...I love these ones too! He has such a strong repertoire it is hard to know what to leave out.

Journey said...

another unappreciated talented man with positive words. You cant blame people from not knowing when the media only seeks to make money from those who carry negativity.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

It is true that positivity is not celebrated enough. But I have decided that I will do my part by supporting them and letting the world know in my little corner of the blogging world.

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