Something To Relieve the Blah-ness...

Hey people,

I know it's been a lil' while. I am still here with a million and one half finished blog posts to my name. I really must finish some of them but I'm feeling a bit...well...blah, for want of a better word. You know the feeling, where you have things to do, don't want to do them, generally melancholy for no genuine definable's just...blah. You know? Anyhoo, I've been jamming a lot to my music in this introverted period (which may in some part contribute to the blah-ness) and here's one from my cheerie 'summer' pile to keep you (and I) going and away from the blahs until I get on a finish these darn posts.

See ya soon,
N xXx
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Sankofa said...

I know this feeling well but try not to let it prevail too long. I find that jamming w/ my friends can lift it sometimes. Good luck!

Tracie Nall said...

I know that feeling our family we call it feeling frumpy. Hope you get through your frumpy-ness and have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

am feeling blah too and thts probably due to the miserable weather outside my window and jst life in general. i thinks its good to wallow in your blah for a bit but make sure you pick yourself up and move on!!

love this song fyi

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