The Saga Continues...

Has anyone else ever thought that their life is just one great big saga of drama? No? NO?! So it's just me then? Oh dear, well if you follow or have had a look at Life...and Living It you will know that my love life is something pretty amazing! To cut a long tired story short my ex has recently had a baby with some chick (got her pregnant while we were broken up, grrrrrrrrrrr) and then even more recently sent me miserable by declaring his undying love (thoughts such as knife...pain...and heart come to mind), then even more recently he told me that he really wants to try again and I should think about it.

Hmmm...well I've thought and I decide that, yeah, I do want to be with him. I'm so scared though, I know everyone makes mistakes but I really hope this isn't one. So I'm meant to be seeing him this weekend...feeling nauseous, my heart is racing and my hand shake a bit every now and then...oooh wish me luck people!


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