What Is The World Coming To?!?!

I was doing my daily trawl through BBC News when I came across a story that made me feel genuinely ill. A 16 year old (yes, remember I said a 16 year-old) boy has been detained to face 3 years in custody for the kidnap and rape of a 5 year-old child.

But that's not all folks!

He committed this offence just 8 days after being released from custody for raping a seven year-old. Seriously, I am aghast! What is the world coming to? How can a teenager rape a child? How can that teenager be allowed to walk free? How can the same said teenage kidnap a child and commit the same offence again? This beggars belief! What are the authorities doing?!?!

I want to know who was in charge of this teenager. But I don't even know who to be sorry for. Is it those who clearly cannot control this boy, are they afraid or just bad at their jobs? Is it the boy? I mean what kind of twisted, miserable person does such thing, and so young! The boy must have the deepest of issues. It doesn't excuse the behaviour but I cannot help but feel this boy is probably well deserving of my pity.

But most of all my heart goes out to the two children, attacked because of the deranged mind of someone only a little older than them. Rape is a horrible thing to have to deal with. How much more so for children so young? I pray that they get through it.

An upset Nsoromma xXx


Tracie Nall said...

The truth is that the recidivism rate of those who have committed rape and child molestation is so high that the law-makers need to get a clue and realize that life in prison is the only option. It is hard to have that view when you are talking about a teenager, but he just proved the fact. I don't doubt that he has probably been through some abuse in his own life--and it would be wonderful if authorities would investigate that, I'm sure that there is some adult in his life who probably belongs in prison as well.

Bri said...

I completely agree with Tracie. As someone who survived being raped I think the punishment for rapists should be stiffer. Much stiffer. It's like a slap on the wrist in some cases and frankly upsetting. If they get caught once, they should be locked up, no questions asked, no leniency.

Anonymous said...

In my abnormal psych class today we were just taking about how to justify sentencing a minor to life in prison without parole. To me, what you explained is justification enough. Obviously, there is something completely flawed about this 16 year old and he is proven to be unsafe in society. Therefore putting him in prison or some other kind of monitored facility where he can receive some serious HELP!!!! is the best solution.

And as for the children...my heart and prayers go out to them and their family.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

@ induetime09 - I think ur right you have found the most perfect case for you class. But I think I may still baulk at life for a juvenile but I definately think they should spend their 'best years' in detention and rehab facilities.

@ Tracie & Bri - I think rapists should get life too, and I do not think public safety is the reason they are not in for life. I think the prisons lack space for an increase in lifers.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

OMDays! I read about ANOTHER of these cases last night in the Metro. This time the offender was 11 years-old and the child's psychatrist had recommened he be taken into care but these recommendations went unheeded. The victim was a 9 year-old disabled boy lured into the other child's room under the ruse of playing xbox-360.

Sankofa said...

I read about this and was just as horrified as you are. I don't know why the British system seems scared to put people in jail and KEEP them there!

And 16 is well above the age of personal responsibility.

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