The Obama Silence Is Deafening

My girl Agnes Agyapong has reminded me of something which had slipped my mind today, shockingly...

Today marks a year since Barack Obama came to office and the world went collectively mad. I think I should remind people of the fever pitch that had spread from America and affected the world. Liberal American's seemed to think that the Democrats had somehow got a black Jesus running for them, African's claimed him as one of their own because he is half-Kenyan and therefore about to drag the continent out of it's abject poverty and us Brits...well I don't really know why but Obamamania had us to in it's clutches and refused to let go. People were hosting Obama parties, in fact I have never seen Brits embrace American's in quite this way, we don't tend to respect American's, at least not so effusively in the open. But here it was! The Obama, 'Yes we can' magic was breathtaking in that manner.

Now a year on...all I hear is deafening silence. Agnes argues that the silence is because people have realised that Obama is not God come to save us all. I must say I tend to agree, but also I think people being people are always circling like sharks after building up someone so high. On the one hand, there are those who always detested him and that rose as his popularity did. Then on the other hand, there were people who were so so influenced by the hype they really did believe he would be some single-handed world messiah. There were so many people in each camp that a year on there are enough of the unrealistic and disappointed to mingle with those who never liked Obama and what results is this resounding and sullen silence and disinterest. All I can say as a mild supporter is that I am glad of the silence because now people might leave him some space to do what he wanted to do so now 'yes WE (as in everyone) can'!


Sabrina C. Willis said...

As you know, I wrote a post on this topic also. I think people were looking for a miracle, you know, something biblical, to take place. And when that didn't happen MANY people lost faith.

No one wants the "hero" to actually be human.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

That's so sad though because the heroic thing about it is that he is human

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