Project 2010

This refers to my goals for the year, I'm not really into resolutions as they are all a bit wishy-washy. But goals, goals indicate a real agenda, and when backed by vision and a plan, they make a brilliant combination. I dunno about you guys, but I always find New Year's goals particularly difficult to stick to as I loose impetus by mid-January, lol.

To combat my general lethergy
(read: laziness) I started to make a plan and I intend to stick to it. Note to self: I really do need a diary for once in my life. So here are my goals and a little into my plans to achieve them.

A. Project debt-reduction
I have about £2600 in overdrafts, £250 in credit cards and £10,000 in Career Development Loan debt. I could go find my Student Loans Company and add that too but firstly, I do not earn enough for my deductions to have started yet. Secondly, in terms of looking at sorting myself this year this would be way down on the list, somwhere between 'impossible', 'I have run quite mad' and 'why should I give a hoot anyway?!'. Soooo, no. I think the best part of 13,000 is more than enough of a target.

I know compared to some, my debts are not that great and I am quite glad that I do not have loads of petty niggling debts but for me, this is a bloody mountain. Albeit it a surmountable one.

To get me started on my way to debt recovery a week ago I began to construct an excel spreadsheet which documents my current income and expenditure as well as my projected for the month. I'm quite proud of myself actually as it includes a weekly breakdown of expenses and it is quite realistic, including space for food, travel, bills, clothes and savings. As a politics and public policy graduate I spend my life writing and it is quite carthatic to complete a spreadsheet of calculations, while reminding myself I am not totally mathematically illiterate.

B. Project Re-employed
This title sounds slightly misleading since I am actually working. But to be perfectly honest I hate my job. Occasionally, I think I would rather sign on, they require the same amount of brain power. Until last year I could never understand how, or rather, why people get so upset about their jobs. You see up until last year I had only really suffered the pains of unemployment. But I discovered this past year what it feels like to be over-qualified and under-employed. It feels like crap. I think I spent a good chunk of last year being miserable about my employment status, so much so it came to a point where I said I was unemployed or refused to disclose the name of the company who happen to pay my wages. Lol.

But at church last week Pastor reminded my congregation to be thankful and basically actually recognise the blessings we have. Therefore, I recognise that I am blessed to be employed and able to pay my bills. HOWEVER, this year I am determined to progress from this point. By February I must have a new job and in order to get there I must be doing at least one application form and two CV/Cover letter applications a week. This is where the diary comes in handy. I need to break this down into a day-to-day thing in order to get this done. Also, my debt-free plan will work better in a high paid job, that gives me even more of an impetus.

C. Project Settle-Down
Lol! Interesting title, right? Well anyone who knows Nsoromma well will know that I am looking forward to being someone's missus someday in the not to distant future. However, that is not really what I am referring to! So don't get excited!

Whether I have a man in the picture or not, I am looking to round out my life in ways that I did not previously find interesting. I wanna really learn how to cook. Like a pro. Not just a Ghanaian pro, either. I wanna throwdown like a native Asian/African/European, whatever. I just now feel the need to get homely like that. I need to take better care of myself and think more about what I do so that when I am a wife and mother these things are not a burden.

It all links with my being eager to get a handle on my finances. It's mature and very necessary.

D. Project Volunteer
I've always had a soft spot for the idea of volunteering. I've basically been doing it since I was 16 in various ways. I believe you should give back to the community you came from in order to help improve your society. After all, you can't expect things to improve if YOU never do things to improve it. Last week I began to volunteer a few hours of my week to help with the admin work of my church office. Also, I am about to embark on a volunteering role for a young charity for asylum-seekers in a role I love. It's policy related!

E. Project Travel (like Ms. Lawyerlady!)
I do love Ms. Lawyerlady, even as she makes me sick! She's just about back after swanning off to Zimbabwe for a friends' wedding. In fact, my girl collects visas in her little red book like they are going for cheap. A little hobby of hers. But 2010 is my time to shine! Lol. I've not been out of the country at all in 6 years now. This must be rectified! Firstly, I know for certain that I'll be in Ghana this summer for my sisters' upcoming nuptuals. While there the ex wants me
to hop on over to Naija to visit. And just might do it. I'm going on a mini-break in February and my girl is arranging to go to Vegas in September. My deposit is already ready! Exciting days are ahead!

F. Project Get On The Road
Recently, I have been lamenting the fact that I cannot drive and do not have a car. So at the end of the month/early February I am booking a bulk of driving lessons. The sooner the better, having friends who live in the sticks in the opposite side of London is giving me a running cold and a serious lack of sleep. Transport links in South
London are soooo bad
(I.e. We have no London Underground in SE!) And I'm fed up of being the last to get to places, late, and first to leave, last to arrive home. I spend half my life in the frigging cold. And in this Siberian weather I am distinctly unimpressed.

To work towards this I have begun a fund for a new car which either Foneshop boy or Dodgy boy are going to help me choose as I have zero useful knowledge of cars. Foneshop boy offered to help me save too but right now I'm not too impressed with him. But we'll save that for another post...

G. Project Stay Content
This is perhaps the most important project of all. While striving to improve my life I need to be positive and content. And the best way for me to do this has always been to stay close to my God. So that's what I'll do.

This year is gonna be a great guys. I hope it'll be as good for you.
I'll keep you updated on my goals periodically, so stay tuned.

Love ya!
Nsoromma...COTH xXx


Juanita said...

hmmm I was geting excited till you said not to- on project c..kill joy.
I bet the overdrafts are from over-shopping..haba!we, as women suffer!
Good luck with it! :-)

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Thanx hun! I'm telling u guys project c has no man to take it where u wanna go. Sorry-oo!

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