The Dead Flower of Friendship

We stare at its beauty
Its lingering haunting essence;
It consumes us.
But then suddenly in what feels like a flash
There is a jarring movement--
And all that remains in the surrounding grass
Is a sad lone stalk.
This pitiful headless flower,
Which once resided, peacefully,
Effortless in its grace;
A head of perfect petals
With a core which links them companionably
And emits a sweet fragrance
Which we trust.
A few minutes ago I stroked those petals
And smelt that familiar smell
As i marvelled at its apparently solid core
Then you pushed past and snatched it away
In your eagerness to cherish it
You pulled too tight
And headless, its beauty fades.
You crushed its pretty petals brutally
What was sweet is now cloying.
I watch aghast, tears streaming
While you gaze at a neighbouring flower.
A different flower;
A pretty little daisy.
So enraptured are you with the new;
Not realising that many of the same are around;
You do not even notice
The crushed petals of our friendship
In the dead rose on the floor.


F said...

I identify with this poem on so many levels... or maybe I am reading too much into it... Either way, gorgeous writing...

JuaNita said...

Yep, another piece I can defo relate to. Sometimes, we have to lose the old to acquire the new. I like it!

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Thanx guys...I had been feeling the need to just, express. U know?

Bree said...

This is a beautiful poem...I think its made more beautiful by the fact that everybody goes through the emotions this poem captures at some point in life...


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