Monday Rant!

Ok, so in my positive frame of mind I thought I'd given up my Monday rants...and then Monday just gone happened!

What a comedy of errors! It was pure comedy value...for an un involved spectator. But for me...*sigh*.

(Disclaimer: This was written yesterday)

Look, just consider this...

Sunday was a semi nice day in London Town so I'd been in sandals and a maxi dress. How lovely. But the previous day I'd (finally) moved into my own flat, so all my stuff was there. But lack of food had me spending the night at mum's (you know how it is).

So anyhoo, on Monday morning the day broke, grey dank and cold. And the exhaustion had me waking up later than usual. And I realised all I had to put on my feet for work in were my flip flops. Oh crap. So I needed go to the flat, a diversion which was
GUARANTEED to make me late. Double crap.

So anyhoo I finally get to work in suitable shoes. Half an hour late. And my office takes flexible working to another level so no one has a fixed desk. Being late equals no desk, particularly on a Monday. Grrrrrr! So another half an hour is wasted searching for a desk.

Finally boot up the computer and go into my email looking for the email I'd sent myself of the urgent work I did from home on Friday.'s not there...check my BB. Yes, I'd sent it. Yes, I'd sent it to the correct address. No, I had no notification that the mail had failed and yet...nothing in my work inbox.

So we have a deadline of Wednesday. Tuesday is a full day off training and I'm on leave Wednesday. So I have to go home. I live two hours from work. Oh For F***s Sake!

So I get to mum's and have to email the work to a colleague, while checking the time. You see I'd arranged to pick up my tickets for the England-Ghana match from a guy on the way home from work as it would have been convenient if I hadn't had 2 rush home...

So now it wasn't convenient as he was an hour-and-a-half from my I text him to say I'll be late. And he says he doesn't wanna hold the tickets much longer cuz if I flop he'll not be able to get rid of them before the match. By now I wanna pull my hair out, cuz I have to go BACK to the flat to get something else for work and I WANT MY MATCH TICKETS.

So I meet the guy 45 minutes later and get my beloved tickets and head to my cousin's to crash
(and show off my ticket's to my very annoyed uncle who is STILL waiting for his!). But her dad has sprung a surprise guest on her pissed off ass so I have to trek BACK TO THE FLAT cuz there just isn't the space.

THEN, back at my flat tired and hungry I get a text from my ex. The notorious one who broke my heart over a year ago. Apparently, just to say hi and that he hopes I'm good. OH FUCK OFF! So now I'm annoyed and can't sleep properly.

So much so that, it's now Tuesday morning and I'm late for work AGAIN. And writing this post on the delayed train to work...kmft.


Cloudya said...

I am so sorry. This sounds awful :-(

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

No matter Claudia!

The match and subsequent scoreline, soooo made up for it!

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