Dashed Hopes

A game of two halves;
90 minutes and then some.
Then a cheat,
A miss.
The an arbitrary
but necessary competition.
A brave loser
A shocking miss and
The crushed dreams
And dashed hopes
Of a continent.

Uruguay players start celebrating while Asamoah Gyan, of Ghana, shows his devastation at missing a late penalty kick in extra time of the quarter-final at the Soccer City stadium.

(Clearly the football really hurt me, let's not talk about it...)


Last Born Child said...

I can't even blog about the game. You've said everything I wanted to say. So, from today, when anyone asks how I felt, I'll send them here.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Usually I would lol ur comment, but I am so bitter about this game that I just can't. Happy I have someone to share the gloom with.

Unknown said...

lol - I wondered too o... It was painful not only for Ghana but the whole of Africa.


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