My Sister

I know I have been pretty down on the blog and in the real world to the poor people who are my friends (love you guys!). And although all that stuff is still pretty depressing. I just wanted to use this post to give a big shout out to my supportive friends (My Sweet Potato, Sankofa, FASM, Dodgy Boy, Foneshop Boy, Ms. Design, Ms Lawyerlady, Afrocentric, Kayobi, etc..) who have helped keep me out of the pits of doom and gloom somewhat.

But even more than that this is a shout-out to my family: my Mum, my Sister and my Cuzzy. Because, honestly, without their support I'd be finished. Cuzzy is always at the end of the phone to listen to my crap and sympathise. Bless my Mum, she is sooo cute cuz she has a 'secret' prayer list which I peeped the other night. And even though there is so much strain on our family at the moment, can you believe my job hunt is at the top of her prayer list?

But most of all: This is to my sister. She called me the other day and I ended up in tears describing my job hunt. She listened and offered me advice. And she was just THERE for me, you know? I'm not usually the type to wax lyrical about my family and I know I take them for granted, God forgive me. But this just needs to be said...


It's been said before that we should always remember to count our blessings. And my sister is one of the biggest blessings out there. Indescribable, incomparable. I don't know what my life would be like without my big sis, I shudder to think. I know I wouldn't be half as great as I am today without her. We are so very different but I can tell her anything and everything and she will always be there for me. I don't have a best friend, and I don't need one because I have my sister.

Love you girl!


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