Are You There God, It's Me Nsoromma...

Sometimes it just feels like your life has come up against a brick wall. And then the apathy takes over. I've been tryna stay upbeat and I feel like I've been doing my bit. I've been hardworking with these applications and I'm waiting on the results for these. But it's hard not to feel dejected.

I was always a good student, didn't coast overly much and applied myself to things I found difficult. Education-wise, I know I was held up at school and elsewhere as some to follow, someone to watch, someone going somewhere. This was never a goal and even though I can be annoying and stuff my ability was not something I
threw in people's faces.

But here I am post-education, it doesn't seem to matter that I worked hard, scrap that I worked DAMN HARD, that I never failed at anything, that I was a good student. I'm stuck in this shitty job with (some) people who never did a hard days thinking in their lives! With
(some) people who have no ambition and never excelled in their lives. WHY AM I STILL STUCK HERE?

I got a call from an agency on Monday and the woman told me I have unrealistic salary expectations. I just busted my ass getting a Master's, which by the way, is self-funded, bloody expensive and from a 'top', internationally renowned institution. And this fool is telling me I should expect a starting salary of £17,000, which is LESS than I was getting after I finished my degree. So my masters AND experience count for nothing. If I could have hit this fool through the's not like we are talking about jobs in which I had no DIRECTLY-RELATED experience...KM bloody T.

Seriously, are you
there God, it's ME, Nsoromma! Get me out of here!!!


Unknown said...

I empathize. Hang on, get a punch bag, imagine it is her and hit it like nobody's biz; just for the satisfaction.

Sankofa said...

Man this sucks. But remember that plenty of people have been in your position before and have made it through. You have the added benefit of knowing exactly what you want to do and you're focused so don't give up just yet.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

@ Lyrix, Thanx I might take the punch bag advice...

@ Sankofa, I know, chin up, right? I'm so fed up thou. I'm tryna be upbeat thou

Unknown said...

That's why its called life. It rarely comes as you have calculated it. However, if you know what you want and you'd not quit, a time will come when all these will be stories that would make up a wonderful testimony. Your experiences are so your biography would make a good 280page awesome read. Keep on keeping on - in the words of Joyce Meyer. It'd start paying off soon :)


Afrocentric said...

Hi Nsoromma, it is hard and I know you never imagined being in this position for so long, but your time WILL come. It is taking its time, but that job will come. Sometimes God does not grant our wishes because what we want will insult the ultimate plans He has for our lives. Remember, to PRAISE HIM in all things.
Maybe you should have accepted the £17,000 job.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

@ LDP - Thanx 4 the encouragement and support. You knw it's funny but I cannot WAIT to tell my testimony! It's gonna be great! :D

@ Afrocen - There was no job offer, the point was that 17k was the only kind range that the agency will put me up for. Which I do not think is right!

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