I Melted Inside

We only met the other day,
But you really caught my imagination.
The way you talked and moved and laughed
Really caught my attention.
Then again to look at you--
Your not the usual type.
But after fun and frolics
And MOTD 2
We really got to talking.
It was so comfortable
And real
And unaffected.
When you held me close that day
And stared in my eyes
My insides got a little soft.
I have a confession to make
You thought I'd dosed off
When you kissed my forehead--
I had not.
And I heard every word you said
You said 'shit I really like you girl
much more than I thought
you really could be it'
And you thought I was asleep.
Not so.
I heard you loud and clear
And I melted inside.


Shameless said...

Really sweet!!

Unknown said...

I like!


The Author said...

Awww, I'm taken by this poem. It's texture is so soft and romantic.

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